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[会议论文] MDFC–ResNet: An Agricultural IoT System to Accurately Recognize Crop Diseases 进入全文


Crop disease diagnosis is an essential step in crop disease treatment and is a hot issue in agricultural research. However, in agricultural production, identifying only coarse-grained diseases of crops is insufficient because treatment methods are different in different grades of even the same disease. Inappropriate treatments are not only ineffective in treating diseases but also affect crop yield and food safety. We combine IoT technology with deep learning to build an IoT system for crop fine-grained disease identification. This system can automatically detect crop diseases and send diagnostic results to farmers. We propose a multidimensional feature compensation residual neural network (MDFC–ResNet) model for fine-grained disease identification in the system. MDFC–ResNet identifies from three dimensions, namely, species, coarse-grained disease, and fine-grained disease and sets up a compensation layer that uses a compensation algorithm to fuse multidimensional recognition results. Experiments show that the MDFC– ResNet neural network has better recognition effect and is more instructive in actual agricultural production activities than other popular deep learning models.

[前沿资讯] FMC Corporation Announces New Arc™ Farm Intelligence Platform 进入全文


近日,富美实最近宣布推出独家精准农业平台Arc™ Farm Intelligence,帮助种植者和农业顾问在虫害变得棘手之前更准确地预测虫害胁迫。Arc™ Farm Intelligence是第一个使用基于实时数据的预测建模移动平台,有助于确保在正确的时间、正确的地点使用正确的植保产品,从而提高可持续性、优化作物收成质量和提高种植者的投资回报率(ROI)。富美实总裁兼候任首席执行官Mark Douglas说:“农民每天都依赖数据和信息做出保护作物免受病虫害和杂草侵害的重要决定。Arc™ Farm Intelligence提升了预测建模和分析的水平,使我们的团队能够更快、更简单、更智能地为顾问和种植者提供作物保护建议和见解。向种植者提供更准确的信息可提高可持续性,增加价值,加强关系,带动更多的商业机会。”该创新平台具备一整套功能,包括可通过移动应用定制提醒,以指示何时需要在某块田采取行动;与富美实的农学家双向沟通;可靠的数据和高质量的图形(包括图表和热点图)。Arc™ Farm Intelligence系统采用开放式应用编程接口(API)进行设计,可以轻松接入种植者现有的数字生态系统。

[会议论文] Heilongjiang Province Rural Supply-Side Structural Reform Data Publicity Platform under Financial Innovation Development Mode 进入全文

2020 12th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (ICMTMA)

In order to realize the timely publicity of the rural supply-side structural reform data, a platform for the publicity of the rural supply-side structural reform data in Heilongjiang Province under the financial innovation development mode is designed. Combined with the innovative development mode of finance, this paper investigates the structural reform data on the rural supply side of Heilongjiang province, and makes statistics on the data characteristic values, so as to establish a data publicity platform, realize accurate collection and effective publicity of the structural reform data on the rural supply side of Heilongjiang province, and ensure the accurate and effective operation of the platform. Empirical research shows that, compared with the traditional publicity platform, the data formula platform designed in this paper has lower error rate and higher practicability, and fully meets the research needs.

[前沿资讯] New App to Promote Sustainable Agricultural Growth 进入全文


Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) and The Haller Foundation joined forces in 2016 when the UK based charity released version one of the Haller Farmers App.The innovative new application, which will be available to download free from the Google Play Store from 12 June, 2020, remains lightweight while fully accessible offline. In addition to Haller’s pioneering farming techniques, new agricultural content has been introduced to make the Haller Farmers App more appealing and diverse. This includes; Youth Farming, Square Plot, Human and Animal Conflict Management, and Conservation. The app is available in both English and Swahili languages and is supported by Swahili audio to help overcome both illiteracy challenges and language barriers. Haller Farmers has been developed with the needs of farmers in mind and the prototype has been extensively tested by smallholders and students across Kenya with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture.

[专业会议] Webinar on "Building Smart Villages: A Blueprint" 进入全文


In collaboration with Niger National Agency for the Information Society (ANSI), ITU is releasing a new joint publication entitled “Building Smart Villages: A Blueprint” to promote a promising approach to bringing meaningful connectivity and initiating digital transformation at disadvantaged rural communities in low- and middle-income countries. To oficially launch this publication, ITU is organising "Building Smart Villages: A Blueprint. A comprehensive Whole-of-Government approach for Rural Digital Transformation" webinar to be held 25 June 2020 at 14:00-15:30 Geneva time. The objectives of the webinar are to:     introduce participants to the Smart Villages approach;     provide a platform for sharing the recommendations of the blueprint explore the possibilities     to launch smart villages projects in different areas of the world.  

[前沿资讯] Russian digital marketplace Agro.Club raises $1.5m seed round to expand through Europe, US 进入全文


近日,总部位于美国的Agro.Club筹得150万美元。这部分资金由Speedinvest领投, Raiffeisen Bank International成立的企业风险投资部门跟投。Agro.Club创始人兼首席执行官Egor Kirin告诉AFN:“我们在一月份就完成了此轮融资。鉴于新冠疫情爆发,我们推迟了发布消息的时间。我们的时机把握得非常好。现在,我们有足够的资本扩展到新的地区。到目前为止,我们都是自行为公司融资。”Agro.Club通过数字生态系统将俄罗斯整个农业价值链中的主要参与者联系起来,包括种植者、作物购买者、食品公司和农资供应商,使他们能够更高效地开展业务。该平台主要侧重于三个方面:作物营销、农资市场以及社区和营销服务。通过其移动应用,该平台为农民、粮食交易商、零售商和农业系统中的其他参与者提供20个接触点。在该平台上,用户可通过自动化物流监控粮食价格,获得分析数据,完成粮食交易,购买农资,接收特定田块的天气预报,以及与其他农民分享最佳农艺实践。用户也可向专家寻求建议。这家金融科技初创企业表示,自2018年8月在俄罗斯上市以来,该地区20%的农民在18个月内注册了这项服务,交易金额达数百万欧元。超过4000家粮食公司已在该平台注册。Agro.Club报告称已与嘉吉(Cargill)、拜耳和EuroChem等跨国公司签订了协议。


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